Leather in its most primitive form is thought to have been first produced over 7000 Years ago,


the art of using vegetable extracts to tan leather was pioneered by the Egyptians around 400bc,

preserved by the Arabs through the Middle Ages,

then furthermore refined by the Moroccans & Spanish, by the 15th century this knowledge was widespread.


Our leathers are primarily veg tanned, "what is veg tanned?" you might ask, veg tanned leather is leather that is tanned in a solution of which's constituents may be plants, trees, seeds & leafs - the list goes on. Any plant mater that contains high concentrations of tannic acid can be used to produce the solution in which hides may be tanned in. 


Modern tanning processes to they're merit can produce more desirable qualities in some instances think car seats, upholstery & garments. 


We exclusively use full grain veg tanned leather to produce all our goods as its properties are most desirable for they're intended uses. Veg tanned leather unlike other leathers develops patina, it gets better over time because its died all the way through & is constituted of the outermost layer of the hide - the skin of the animal, naturally denser & harder than the inner layers, meaning that It can take a polish & hold a polish. Every time you pull your wallet out of your pocket its being polished by the fibres that make up the fabric of you pocket. Thats the beauty of full grain veg tanned leathers, they develop a natural brilliance over time that can't be imitated.